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And We’re Back!

Sorry about the mini-hiatus, I did want to post too much until a couple of opportunities came to fruition.  That said I have a big announcement, “Those Below” has been picked up by a publisher, Sue Harrington of Stories for Publication.  I have been working almost non-stop with her over the last three months editing the book and preparing it for republication.  We were finally able to finish up and republish it under a new title of “Those Deep Below.”  Currently, it is available on Amazon and Kindle, but we have plans to publish on Nook and through Barnes and Noble by the end of May.  Sue and Sarah (My Wife) have been incredible through the entire process, and though we did not change the story there was a lot that needed to be fixed, and the finished project is much better.  Follow the new links to the latest version of the

Even with all that, however, I still have another surprise, I have been interviewed by the podcast, The Authors’ Show.  It was a great experience, and I can’t wait for ya’ll to hear it.  It will air on April 17, 2019, and run for 24 hours.  After it runs, I plan on placing the entire interview on the website. Until then, please go to listen on the 17th.

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