About John

I like to think of myself as a world traveling adventurer.  Growing up as an Army Brat my family moved all over the world, a tradition which I continued as an adult.  To date I have lived in Turkey, Germany, Peru, Bolivia, and did combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan during my own military service.  I have also traveled extensively though North and South America, Europe, and some parts of Asia.  My greatest aspiration in life is to travel to all seven continents with my family.  Mostly, it is because I love culture!  The human story is fascinating to me, which you might have guessed from my writings.  In fact my love of culture is so strong that while I am usually an extreme introvert, when I meet someone from another country, I tend to talk their ear off wanting to know everything about their home and people.  I even majored in culture studies (AKA Geography with an emphasis in Human Geography) in College (University as my Canadian Wife calls it).  It is my hope that as I continue to study, travel, and learn that I can incorporate as many cultural aspects as possible into my writing, such as Those Below, which was very heavily influenced by Incan culture from Peru and Bolivia with elements of Chinese culture.

But enough about my writing, as I assume you would like to know more about me as a person rather than just an author.  I was fortunate to grow up with three sisters in a very close knit family (moving every two to three years will do that to you), and am happy to say that my parents and sisters remain my best friends and supporters.  I am married to a wonderful woman, who has supported me through thick and thin (including two combat deployments and all the insanity that comes along with those).  We have two fantastic little boys and three crazy dogs which makes for a very loud and chaotic house.  We enjoy camping, fishing, video games (Destiny 2, Mass Effect, Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc.), and reading.  I collect comic books, listen to old-time radio and Game Grumps, obviously write (I know, nobody parties like the Noyes’).

In any event, I hope this satisfies some of your curiosity about me.  I will of course reveal more as time goes on.  I would like to welcome you to my site and hope you enjoy my work.